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General description of the location and proposed airport

Biała Podlaska, is a town situated in the north of Lublin voivodship, and possesses a former military airport, that could be easily adapted to serve passenger services in this area completely deprived of airports. Its town council lacks know-how and experienced people to advise about the airport development after the already misfortuned trial of the airport revival with Vahap Toy, Turkish businessman, who promised to revive the two runways with adjacent infrastructure, but finally fled the country leaving unpaid debts. Mr. Toy raised also large environmental dispute, because he intended to chop the forest close to the airport, which led to a country-wide discussion about his person and his controversial plans. Anyway, it is possible to use the airport without any damage to the nearby small forest, one of few in deforestrated eastern Poland. The company „Port Lotniczy Biała Podlaska” tried to revive the airport, but currently the airport manager, AMW, offered it for sale.

The Biala Podlaska airport is the only one in the eastern Poland area with the potential to serve passenger services and should be somehow revived to offer services for the population of this poorest part of the country. Its infrastructure is enormous: 2 runways of 3300 x 60 meters the larger one and the smaller of  2260 x 30 meters, with taxiways and aprons, what seems to allow to handle even intercontinental flights, as Mr. Toy planned. The name proposed by the author for this airport is “Podlasie/ Brest” or “Biała Podlaska / Brest”, so that would allow to cover the nearby western Belarus and attract passengers also from this area.

The airport is situated nearly at the border with the Republic of Belarus (10,3 million people), where, due to the duopolies on the market, there are no low cost airline’s services, and quantity of air travels per person per year is unbelievably low due to the monopoly of its national airlines.

Airport in Biala Podlaska is located in direct proximity to the Belarusian city of  Brest/ Брэст (polish: Brześć, 20 km to the east, 290 000 inhabitants, agglomeration of approx. 350 000). There is a boarder crossing with Belarus in nearby Terespol/Brest (approx. 10 km distance to the east).

Table. Border traffic with Brest in the year 2003.

Border crossing

Quantity of passeners traversing the border crossing in 2003

(both sides)

Terespol - rail



Terespol - road




Besides, in proximity of 70 kilometers there is a precious complex of Białowieża Primaeval Forest, known as Belaveskaya Pushcha (Белавеская пушча) in Belarus and  Puszcza Białowieska in Poland. This is an ancient virginal forest straddling the border between Belarus and Poland, located 70 km north of Brest. It is the only remaining part of the once immense forest spreading across the European Plains and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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